About Us

About us

Well hello there, welcome to Forget-Tv.com.This website is dedicated to reviewing and highlighting the features and pullbacks of projectors. And other modes of entertainment that compete with the television.

It has been proven over time that projectors are gradually taking the place of your average television. These days most households and business individuals own a projector.

But as it is with any product, the market is full of options and it seems like a new product is released every week. Hence why I have decided to start this website to weed out the inferior projectors. And showing you the best possible options, base on your budget, and personal needs.

Can You Trust My Reviews?

No matter where you are in the world or which language you speak. I am almost certain that you know the best way to get honest information is by talking to or overall collecting information from someone who has owned or is using the product you’re inquiring about. My Jahson and I’m not ashamed to say it that I love technology and love watching movies. I am what many may consider a coach potato.And you may know if you want to know where the best restaurant is asking someone that loves food,  me being a coach potato always using my projector who better to ask about projectors? Furthermore, I have decided to sweep the all major distributors of projectors and its accessories websites. And numerous blogs and forums, then analyze what the past and present owners had to say about their experience with the product. Then summarize and provide the information to you.

So no longer do you have to ask anyone or go on numerous review sites wondering if it’s a good buy. That’s a waste of time as I have done that already. Hope you enjoy your time this website, feel free to leave a comment and happy browsing.