Best 1080p Projector Under 500

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If you’re on the market looking for a truly high-quality projector to invest in for constant use for years to come. It would make sense buying one of the best 1080p projector under 500 for 2018.As with any device, there are a few that stand heads and tails above the rest. And this review has sorted out and listed the 5 top rated 1080p projectors on the market.The below projectors are highly rated and have gotten rave reviews from owners.

NameFeatured Specs.Read Customer Feedbacks
Epson Home Cinema 1040 1080p3000 lumensRead Reviews
BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (TH670)3000 lumensRead Reviews
Acer H5382BD3300 lumensRead Reviews
BenQ DLP 1080p Projector (HT1070)2000 lumensRead Reviews

Best 1080p Projector Under 500 For  2018

1. Epson Home Cinema 1040 1080p, 2x HDMI (1 MHL), 3LCD, 3000 Lumens Color and White Brightness Home Theater Projector (Certified Refurbished)

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The first 1080p projector on our list is the Epson home cinema 1040.If you have ever searched for any other tech related product for instance printers or scanners.  I am almost certain you will see this brand. This company is the favorite among most tech professionals and business owners. As their products are not only reliable but they have also proven to be some of the most durable on the market.

Pause for a minute before, we start looking dissecting the Epson 1040 projector.There are a few things that I think deserve to be highlighted about this projector. The Epson projector is one of few projectors that can offer up to 3 times higher image brightness. This ensures that you get the best viewing experience possible. And also it allows users to enjoy screen sizes of up to 300 inches.


  • Designed with a built-in speaker
  • You will be able to enjoy full HD 1080p, quality images on screens as big as 300 inches.
  • A good projector for games, movies.Furthermore, you can even project it on the bear wall
  • Using the new 3LCD technology that practically eliminates the rainbow effect that is common with other LCD projectors
  • You will also be able to connect your streaming devices for an even better experience
  • Because it has 3000 lumens of white and color brightness. You will still be able to enjoy a movie even in a well-lit room


  • For best sound quality I would recommend you connect an external speaker. As the audio quality of the speaker isn’t the best.

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2.BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (TH670) – 3D Home Theater Projector with 3,000 ANSI Lumens and 10,000:1 Contrast

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When you set up and is watching your movie on your new projector. Without a doubt, you will be comparing the picture quality to that of your local cinema. This is why you need to buy a DLP (digital light processing) projector has this type of projector is being used in 90% of digital cinemas worldwide and 100% of IMAX theaters.

When it comes to DLP projectors the BenQ brand has been ranked as the #1 best-selling DLP projector brand. Even winning an Academy Award of Merit in 2015 for delivering unmatched world class performance.


  • The BenQ TH670 uses durable world class micro-mirrors that have been tried and proven to withstand the test of time.It is common amongst projectors to gradual lose their image quality has the lamp life starts to dwindle. But with this projector, you will never have to worry about that. Has this projector is designed to deliver top rated cinema quality down to the very last minute. Delivering year after year.
  • When the projector is on for over 20 minutes without detecting a display source it will automatically power off. This not only helps to save electricity but also extends the lamp life of your projector
  • This projector is also designed with the smart eco mode. Over the past year this feature as become a stand out amongst top quality projector.As it helps to extend the lamp life by up to 10,000 hours. Hence saving you up to 50% of the money you have to spend in the future to constantly replace bulbs.
  • Easy to set up
  • Supports various 3D format, allowing you to enjoy 3D quality images from the comfort of your home


  • Fan noise can be a bit loud when the projector isn’t connected to an external speaker

3. Acer H5382BD 720P 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

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Rated by many as one of the best budget home theater projector for 2018.The Acer H5382BD projector is designed with 3D quality features. But what always seems to amaze users is the fact that it cost under 450 dollars. Making it a definite bargain.


  • It is designed with a ColorSafe feature that is known to prevent the picture quality of projector from decaying after continuous use.
  • Also it comes packed with 3300 lumens of brightness. This gives viewers the ability to enjoy cinema quality movies from the comfort of their home.
  • Further it supports wireless HD projection.


  • Built in speakers aren’t loud
  • Some customers have experienced a lag in it detecting media sources.

4. BenQ DLP 1080p Projector (HT1070) with Sport Mode Designed for Brilliant Fast-Action Sports, Full HD Home Theater Projector

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Designed to support native 1080p full HD,this BenQ HT1070 is one of the best budget projector for 2018.Has it comes packed with 2000 lumens of brightness and also using a revolutionary color wheel feature.


  • Furthermore, when you use the sport mode feature. You will be able to view your favorite sport game in superior and realistic viewing quality.
  • Another quality that we like about this BenQ projector is the fact that you can view image sizes of up to 100 inches from only 2.5mm.
  • Also you can easily adjust the screen size with the zoom feature, so there will be no need to move the projector.


  • Although it is designed with a 10W built in speaker. I would certainly recommend that you connect it to an external speaker for good audio quality as the speaker is low.

5.DLP HD 1080p Projector 3D Home Theater Projector , Support external bluetooth Speaker, mouse and gamepad,Throw Range 300 inch

best 1080p projector under $500 for 2017


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Nowadays we are constantly on the go whether its business trips or family occasions.As ever so often something seems to arise.That causes you to either be stuck in a hotel room watching a movie or game on your tablet or laptop.And reminiscing and missing the comfort of your home.Well, not any longer with this mini projector you will always be able to watch what you feel like when you feel like.

As it supports numerous forms of connection.Noteworthy though is its is wireless capabilities, this projector easily connects to wi-fi.Plus it has built in android 4.4.4 operating system.Allowing you to browse the internet and play games both at home or on the road.Plus it has an 8Gig memory unit so you can even download your favorite android apps.


  • Very light weight as this projectors weighs only 3 pounds
  • Plus it is designed with a high-quality processing chip image enhancement chip.This helps to enhance the color of the images even more compared to other projectors.
  • Also as built-in speakers
  • 30,000 hours lamp life
  • You will be able to stream movies from the internet, and also supports connectivity to Bluetooth devices, as it has Bluetooth 4.0 built in.So you can feel free to connect this projector to your Bluetooth speakers


  • Would have been even better with a built in battery
  • Built in speakers aren’t very loud but, you can easily connect to an external speaker