Best Projector Under 100

best rated $130 projector

I know it may come as a surprise, but it is possible to get a good projector for under $100.These projectors can be used for gaming, home theater and some for even outdoor movie nights. Below we have listed the best projector under 100 for 2018.These projectors may be cheap in price, but there are not lacking in quality.


Best Projector Under 100 For 2018

1. vankyo LEISURE 3

vanyko projector review

The vankyo leisure 3 projector is designed using advanced technology. It provides users with 2200 lumens of brightness. Allowing it to projector high quality images that will make your home theater or gaming room experience unbelievable.


  • Its design and connectivity features allow you to connect your smart phone and gaming console easily to the projector.
  • Further you will be able to project image sizes of up to 176 inches. But for best viewing quality its recommend that you project it to max 120 inches from a distance of about 6 feet.
  • Good quality built in speakers.
  • Also you get a 3 year warranty with your purchase.


  • No mounting connection underneath the device for tripod connection

2. RAGU Z400 1600 Lumens Mini Portable Projector

Why shop for a television set when you can get an affordable projector, which is able to show your favorite programs on screen sizes of up to 130 inches. Yes that’s your reading correct, designed with 1600 lumens. This projector is able to 480p images directly on most walls. Do keep in mind that a projector at this price won’t be bright enough for you to clearly view a movie in a room with light.


  • Very quiet built in cooling fan
  • Also this projector supports USB,HDMI and even has a microSD slot. So you will be able to only connect your streaming devices. But also your gaming console.
  • It is very easy and straightforward to set up.


  • The built in speakers aren’t very loud.But you can always connect a large speaker for better audio quality.

2. VisualGreat GP80 Projector, Portable Size 2017 Top Game Video Entertainment

best projector under 100

With so many projectors in this price range available nowadays it is so easy for you to choose the wrong projector. Hence why I recommend the GP80 projector if your looking to spend under 100 dollars.Whats the difference between this an the other projectors in this price range you may ask?Well for starters it offers 1080p picture quality. Secondly it is very lightweight and would be a good portable to travel with.


  • Has a very long lamp life, in fact this projector can manage 4 hours of use daily for up to 20 years.
  • Also it does support connection to most streaming and gaming devices.
  • Furthermore you will be able watch 100 inches movies with the projector only 3m from the screen.
  • One of the best cheap mini projectors


  • The built in speakers could be better, but at this price it is certainly a bargain.

3. Projector, GooDee Mini Portable Projector 1800 Luminous Efficiency Home Cinema Theater Movie Video Projector Support Multimedia HDMI USB for Home Entertainment Games

best projector under 100 for 2018

Released in the latter part of 2017 the GooDee YG500 although costing only a $100 it is certainly value for money. As it is able to support 1080p images and is designed with 1800 lumens of brightness. Furthermore it supports numerous modes of connection making it one of the best projectors for iphone 8 and iphone 10.


  • This projector is small in size and delivers high quality images for a projector at this price. Making it a good fit for anyone looking a cheap projector for camping, gaming or general home use.
  • Furthermore it can be easily connected to most gaming consoles and other streaming devices.
  • Furthermore you will be able to project images as large as 130 inches. Although I would recommend a screen size of over 60 inches as after that the image quality starts to diminish.


  • This projector is designed with built in speakers but they are not the loudest. So you definitely need to connect the projector to an external speaker or sound bar.
  • Also would have been even better if it had Bluetooth capabilities.

4. Varmax Protable Led Mini Projector with HDMI Cable, Home Projector indoor & outdoor for Home Theater Support 1080P Multimedia Video with Authentic 1200 Lumen efficiency

If you’re contemplating buy a TV or a projector, I would recommend that you buy a projector. Why? Because less than one hundred dollars you will be able to get this projector that is able to show image in the same quality has your average. On screen sizes of up 60 inches, can you get a 60 inch TV at that price? I doubt it. This explains why these projectors have gain popularity over the years.


  • One of the main stands out feature of the varmax mini projector is its three built in cooling fans. This allows the projector to stay cool even after hours of continuous use. Making it one of the best gaming projector under 100.
  • Furthermore with your purchase you will receive a 12 month warranty. Just case you should meet in any difficulties.
  • Also it supports connection to laptops, Blu-ray players,PS4 and other devices via HDMI or USB cable. In the box you will also receive a HDMI cable.
  • In addition it has numerous play modes, including the looping function that allows users to repeat playing videos.
  • Good projector for students and to be used in dorm rooms.


  • The only pull I see most users discussing is the built in speakers. This is a norm for projectors in this price range.

5. NEXGADGET YGLife Mini Video Projector, Multimedia Home Portable Projector Support 1080P HDMI USB SD Card VGA AV for Entertainment Game Party Home Cinema Theater

What makes this projector different from the hundreds available? Well for starters it weighs less than 2 pounds. Secondly although it is rather reasonable I am almost certain you will be amazed by its picture quality. And it is able to project movies as large as 100 inches from only 3m away. So even if you have limited space you will still be able to enjoy a big screen experience.


  • Very lightweight making it one of the more popular mini projectors.
  • Also has a SD slot that hold memory cards of up to 32 gigs.
  • In addition it is easy to set up. As it comes with a well detailed manual.
  • Projects good quality images and would be an affordable addition for your movie nights with friends.
  • One of the best cheap projectors for sports bar.


  • Unlike some of the projectors listed above this model doesn’t come with a free HDMI cable.

6. Roadwi Movie Projector Mini Portable Projector Support 1080P HDMI AV VGA USB SD TV for Multimedia Home Theater Games Movie Night Party Travel

Whether your planning a camping trip or need a good cheap projector for your RV.The Roadwi movie projector is certainly one to consider. As it is lightweight, easy to set up. And supports all 3 kinds of projection methods. This projector is set to be one of the best at this price range for 2018 and beyond.


  • Light enough to be easily carried anywhere.
  • You can project image of sizes up to 100 inches, making it a good choice for your home theater set up.
  • Also it is one of few projectors in this price range that actually has a good quality built in speaker.


  • Non

7. Meyoung Portable Projector 1080P 1200 Lumens 150″ for Outdoor Indoor Movie Night, Support Blu-ray DVD Player, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones and HD Games (TC80 White)

top rated projector under 100

The meyoung portable 1080p projector is an affordable projector and is arguably one of the best projectors under $100.With 2000 lumens this projector can easily show your favorite movie or game on a 130 inches screen. Furthermore, it supports numerous modes of support. In addition in the past getting a top rated 1080p projector use to mean spending a lot. But not anymore as this projector is a true 1080p projector, with a native resolution of 800×480.


  • Supports HD quality movies and games
  • You can easily watch the media of your SD card, USB flash drive and so much more
  • Also, it is designed with built-in speakers
  • Can be used also as an outdoor projector
  • A top rated cheap home theater projector


  • Built in speakers aren’t loud enough to be used as a standalone, in a large room.But you can easily connect an external speaker.

8. ROFISA LCD Mini Portable HD 1080P LED Multimedia Projector, 1500 Lumen Home Theater With USB SD HDMI AV VGA for Movie Party Games Home Entertainment

best mini projector

The ROFISA mini portable home theater projector allows you to enjoy screen size of up 130 inches. With this cheap home theater projector, you will be able to not only watch movies but also play games and enjoy your favorite sports events with your friends and family. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly and also using less power. This, in turn, means a low electricity bill and a long lamp life. On average customers have enjoyed up to 30,000 hours of lamp life. This projector is also a favorite among buyers because of its built-in speaker. That does a relatively good job in a small to average size room. But for a bigger area, it would be best to connect an external speaker.


  • Designed with double high power silent turbofans
  • Can be used for hours without overheating
  • Very light weight mini projector weighs only 2 pounds
  • Can be easily connected to iPod and other smart devices via HDMI cable
  • Although it has native resolution of 480p, it can support up to 1080p


  • None

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9. Projector ,2017 Dinly 130″ LCD Portable Video Projector Home Cinema Theater mini Projector PC Laptop USB SD AV TV HDMI DVD-White

best mini projectors under $150

With 1000 lumens this Dinly 2017 mini projector cost little over $50 and offers similar quality to more expensive brands. With 5 different modes of input, you definitely don’t have to worry about connecting to your preferred program. Furthermore, it is designed with built-in speakers, allowing you to watch your favorite movie or game, with any additional speakers. Also, comes with an easy to use remote control.


  • Clear and colorful images
  • Small and lightweight
  • Budget friendly price
  • Customers have come to realize that this projector doesn’t overheat easily like most projectors, as it can be used for hours at a time
  • Easy to set up


  • Unless it is a small room you will need to connect it to an external projector

10. Mlison Video Projector 2000 Lumens Home Cinema Theater Multimedia Projector, Support 1080P HD + HD PC USB HDMI AV VGA

best hd projector under 100

Designed with smart eco-technology, that helps to extend the lamp life.Hence ensuring that you get value for your money and some.Smarteco technology actually saves up to 70% of energy.In addition, you can easily adjust the lens with the image focus button for your desired image clarity.Also, it can easily connect to Ps3, Ps4 or x-box and laptop and Pcs.The makers are so confident about the quality and durability of this projector.That they even offer a 12-month warranty with your purchase.


  • One of the best outdoor projector under $100
  • Can be used to play games on a large vivid screen
  • Quiet fan
  • Designed with built-in speakers


  • Not HD quality images

11. iDGLAX iDG-787W LCD LED Video Multimedia Mini Portable Projector with Free HDMI cable for Home Theater Movie Nights and Video Games (HD Ready)

best mini projectors for 2017

The IDGLAX projector is a good affordable gaming projector. It can easily connect to most gaming consoles, whether you have an Xbox, Wii or a PS3 or PS4.You will be able to enjoy your favorite games on a beautiful screen of up to 100 inches. It is practically impossible to get an HD big screen TV for even close to this price. Furthermore, the beauty of owning a mini projector is the fact that you can take it with you anywhere. So you can set it up in your hotel room or anywhere once the place is dark.


  • Very lightweight as it weighs only 2 pounds
  • Comes with a free HDMI cable
  • Can be easily set up
  • Supports numerous modes of connection


  • Seems like the fan is a bit loud

12.iToobe i70 LCD LED HD Mini Portable Multimedia Home Cinema Theater Video Projector 1080P Support HDMI VGA USB SD AV TV Interface for Movie TV Video Game Home Outdoor Entertainment

Are you looking for a cheap home cinema projector? Well, look no further as itoobe mini projector will simply amaze you. First off this mini projector can be connected to your iPhone or android, TV box, and most gaming console. Furthermore, it is designed with keystone function that helps to prevent image distortion. But what makes it so highly rated by customers, is it’s built in speakers. They offer good sound quality, allowing you to enjoy your favorite movies, without buying an external speaker.


  • High quality loud built-in speakers
  • Very clear and crisp images
  • Lightweight projector
  • Manual focus and keystone controls at the top of the projector


  • Not made to be used for PowerPoint presentation

13. DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector, Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector Support 1080P HDMI USB SD Card VGA AV for Home Cinema TV Laptop Game iPhone Andriod Smartphone with Free HDMI Cable

best cheap projectors

With an even quieter fan noise and 50% brighter projection compared to most LED projector this price range. The DBPOWER T20 projector can even project a screen up to 150 inches big. Imagine the movies and games you can enjoy with this projector. Furthermore, it comes with 3-year warranty and service, this is way better and longer than most manufacturers offer.


  • Can easily connect your phone with wireless HDMI dongle
  • Also can be connected easily to gaming consoles
  • Can project HD quality images


  • Seems to not be a full HD projector
  • Built in speaker isn’t loud but you can connect the projector to an external speaker

14. Tronfy TP60 LCD LED Pico Projector, Multimedia Video Projector with USB AV SD HDMI VGA Port for Game iPhone Android Smartphone, HDMI Cable Included

best outdoor projector under 100

If you’re looking for a mini projector to travel with. That can be used for both homes and work purpose. The Tronfy TP60 mini projector will amaze you. Firstly this projector supports connection to iPhone, iPad and even android SmartPhones. And it even comes with a USB port that can be used for a power supply. Allowing you to charge your devices, excepting apple devices. Also, has a native resolution of 800×480 and supports 1080p.


  • Can be used for backyard movies or family theater room
  • Images tend to be very vivid and colorful
  • Very affordable price
  • Furthermore, it can play your favorite video directly off your SD card as it is designed with an SD slot


  • I would advise you to connect to an external speaker for best audio experience
PositivesPull Backs
They are very light weight making them easy to carry. So you can carry your projector where every you go. And when you’re ready to watch a movie if you don’t have a projector screen you can always use the wall. Although there are projector screens available for less than $100.Don’t expect a true 1080p projector in this price range. Although some of the projectors on this list are able to support 1080p.They will only downscale it to their relative resolution which most of the time is 800x576.
You will be able to enjoy image sizes of up to 100 inches. Making it a good and cheaper alternative to buying a TV set.Also don’t expect a projector with high quality built in speakers. I would certainly recommend you connect it to a speaker or sound bar.
Easy to set up, as most projectors come with a manual. Plus there are numerous videos on YouTube of how to set up projectors.Don’t expect the images to be clear of high quality if you should use the projector in a room that has the lights on.
Also most projectors at this price range aren’t designed to be used for PowerPoint presentations.

15. 2016 Updated Full Color 130″ Image Pro Mini Portable LCD LED Home Theater Cinema Game Video Projector – Support HD 1080P Video 800 Lumens IP IR USB SD HDMI 40W

best mini projector under for 2017

Designed with the latest LED technology available for projectors in 2017.This 1080p projector is able to project movies even brighter than your probably use to. Furthermore, it is designed with not one but two built-in speakers. Enabling you to have average audio quality when there isn’t any external speaker available. This very affordable projector supports quite a few modes connection. Allowing you to watch your favorite Blu-ray movie if needed, or connect your gaming console. Giving you a truly big screen experience.


  • Easy to set up
  • Supports multiple modes of connection
  • In addition, it is designed with 2 built-in speakers, but can easily be connected to an external speaker
  • Cheap projector but good quality


  • And the fan noise is obvious when not connected to external speakers

16. Projector, GooBang Doo T20 Portable Mini Home Theater Video Projector 1080P 1500 Lumens 800×480 Resolution for TV Laptop SD Android TV Box Support HDMI USB SD AV VGA TV Interface

best gaming projector under $100
The GooBang Doo T20 projector is uniquely designed. Firstly it is designed for an optimal user interface. As it comes packed with numerous features and all are listed on a one-page menu. For instance just like an android phone. But what really makes this a top rated cheap LED projector. Is the fact that it has 40 % more brightness compared to other projectors. This allows you to even watch a movie in a slightly lit room. And with a lamp life of 40,000 hours you know you will be getting value for your buck before replacing the lamp. Furthermore not to mention its dual built-in speakers.



  • Very quiet and can be used continually for hours, has it is designed with water cooling radiator.
  • Can be connected to gaming consoles and so much more
  • Unique design allows you to use the remote from any angle as it has dual IR sensors
  • Easy to set up


  • Shouldn’t be used for PowerPoint display

17. Acko Portable Mini HD LED Video Projector Office Home Theater 1200 LM Multimedia Outdoor 20″-150″ HDMI VGA USB AV SD Audio 1080P Smart Phone Tablet PC Computers Laptops White Warranty Included

best projectors under 50

Whether you’re looking for a mini projector for road trips or for home use. You can definitely consider the Acko portable mini HD led projector. No longer do you have to spend hundreds on a mini projector. As this projector allows you to enjoy HD images on screen sizes up to 150 inches. Furthermore, it is built with high-quality speakers. Allowing you to listen to your movie while camping or on the road without connecting a speaker.


  • Loud built-in speakers
  • Can be used for both business and at home
  • Supports numerous modes of connection


  • Fan noise can be a bit loud

18. Mini Projector, 1200 Lumens Portable Led Video Projector Support 1080P HD with Free HDMI Cable for Home Theater Cinema TV Laptop Game – (Exclusive Silver)

cheap home theater projectors
This projector is actually smaller than an iPad.Making it the perfect travel size projector. Imagine having a mini projector for those days away from home. You will be able to convert any room into your own private cinema. With 1200 lumens of brightness and it numerous connection ports. You can simply watch a movie of your SD card.In addition with your purchase, you will get a 1-year warranty.


  • Supports front, rear and ceiling installation
  • Can be easily connected Blu-ray player
  • With your purchase, you will get a free tripod


  • Works best in a small room

19. Crenova XPE460 LED Upgraded Projector 1200 Lumens 800*480 Resolution Home Cinema Support PC Laptop USB TV Box iPad Smartphone-Black

cheap gaming projectors
Why buy a 32-inch smart tv for hundreds, when you can get a portable projector for less than $100.That has the ability to project high-quality images on a screen size of up to 130 inches. This crenova XPE460 led projector even comes with a free HDMI cable. Allowing you to connect your favorite smart device straight out the box. Also, its manual keystone feature allows you to adjust the image to your desired viewing. Furthermore, its weight makes it easy to carry on your next road trip.


  • Lightweight
  • Delivers clear crisp images
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories for set up


  • Seems fan noise can sound loud when not connected to an external speaker
  • Comes with free HDMI cable
  • Easy to adjust image size

16. CHEERLUX Mini Projector HD 1200 Lumen with LED Technology For Ipad Iphone 6 6s 7 7s plus Android Phone And Chromecast MHL Ideal For Home Theater Game Movie-Black Color

best cheap home cinema projector
Looking for a good quality budget-friendly projector to enhance your sporting experience or room? well, look no further than the CHEERLUX projector. With this projector, you will be able to connect your projector to numerous streaming devices or your smartphone.


  • Value for money
  • Small and lightweight
  • Supports connection to iPhone 6s,iPhone 7s, and other devices


  • Doesn’t work with galaxy S7

17. 2017 Projector (Warranty Included), XINDA LCD LED Mini Multi-media Portable Video Projector Game Home Cinema Theater Support HD 1080P HDMI USB SD AV-0036B

best projector under 100\
Here we have a cheap 1080p projector. With 100 lumens of brightness, you will be amazed by the quality of images from this mini projector. And at under $100 it is definitely a bargain. With loud built-in speakers, you will be able to enjoy a movie anywhere. Some persons have also used it for backyard movie nights. Although we would recommend you use it indoors.


  • Easy to set up
  • Projects good 1080p image quality
  • Supports numerous modes of connection


  • Doesn’t have an SD slot
  • Seems fan noise can be distracting