Best Projector Under 500

Best Projector Under 500 For 2017

We have researched and compared the top rated projectors under 500 of 2018 and 1080p HD resolution projections against each other. Looking at lumens, performance, quality of the image, additional features, durability, fan noise and much more. After assessing and thoroughly researching we are certain that the below review contains the best projector under 500.And any of these top rated projectors will enhance your home theater. 

PictureBest Projector Under 500 For 2017best 1080p projector under 600best projector for the moneybest mini projector for under $500
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Built-in SpeakersYesYesYesYesYes
Native ResolutionWXGA 1280x800Max 1080pXGA 1024 x 768WXGA resolution (1280 x 800)1280 x 800
Weight4.85 lbs5.84 lbs5.5 lbs8.3 lbs0.9 lb
Warranty3-year limited warranty on parts and labor - 3-year limited warranty on parts and 1 labor - -


Best Projector Under 500 For  2018

1. ViewSonic PJD5555W – Best Budget Projector 2018

best projector under 500 2018

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The ViewSonic PJD5555W projector provides you with exclusive audiovisual features and a flexible connection option makes this projector a good fit for use in the office, home, and even PowerPoint presentations.

It has 2 built-in speakers that are so crisp and loud you probably won’t even bother hooking up any external speakers. Has the makers used a unique sonic expert technology; this incorporates an enlarged speaker chamber. And a more powerful amplifier allowing it to deliver a full 20HZ – 20 KHz sound range.

Also, its smart design allows easy to the lamp area in case you want to replace the lamps in the future. Or for general maintenance.Also, this design allows your entertainment section to look a lot more uniform as you will have less loose cords hanging out. Has it comes with a unique cable management hood that connects on the back of the projector.

This projector is equipped with the latest HDMI and is Blu-ray ready. Meaning you will be able to enjoy some of the crispest and colorful movies and images you have ever seen. The ViewSonic PJD5555W projector stands out both in the dark and in the light.

You will also get a 3 years limited warranty on parts and labor, and a one-year warranty on the lamp. Making this a safe purchase if there ever was one. For a small price, you will have your own top-notch projector.

ViewSonic PJD5555W Specifications

2.8 ft. / 1.0 -8.0 m

Display Size (IN.):- 30 – 300 in. / 0.76 – 7.62 m

Type: – DLP

Voltage:- 100 – 240VAC(Auto Switching), 50-60Hz (Universal)

Weight:- 7.5 pounds


  • This projector offers 5 different viewing settings, making it a good fit to install anywhere or angle
  • Also is 3D Blu-ray ready
  • Offers good quality color accuracy
  • This is one of the brightest projectors on the market and even when in area that is lit you will still be able to enjoy your movie
  • ViewSonic has designed this projector with top lamp door for easy maintenance and also lamp replacement in future in future
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty on parts and labor
  • Supports connectivity to Mac, windows and practically all streaming devices


  • Rare occasion’s customers have complained of the remote control not working. In case you should experience this; a quick solution would be to replace the battery with a new one.Or stand within 8 meters or 26 feet from the projector.


PJD5555W projector, power cable, VGA cable, remote control with batteries, Quick Start Guide, ViewSonic Wizard CD (with User Guide)

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2.ViewSonic PJD5353LS 3200 Lumens XGA HDMI Short Throw Projector

best projector under 500 for 2018

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Designed with the latest HDMI the ViewSonic PJD5353LS is able to connect to numerous devices. Furthermore it’s able to projector high quality 3D images when connected to your Blu-Ray player. In addition to ensure to users enjoy the best view while watching a movie. This projector is designed with five unique viewing modes. So even in a well lit room this 3200 lumens projector will still show a clear image.With these features and more it should come as no surprise that this projector is seen as one of the best projector under 500 for 2018.


  • As it is with most ViewSonic projectors, this model is designed with a large speaker chamber. This is known to deliver loud and crisp sound. Helping to make your movie or gaming experience even more enjoyable.
  • Very durable has it comes with an industry leading warranty. Also its dust resistant design makes maintenance hassle free.
  • Built in cooling fan is very quiet
  • Can also be used for PowerPoint presentation, has it does an above average job when projecting texts.


  • It’s a bit large

3. BenQ DLP HD 1080p Projector (W1070) – 3D Home Theater Projector with Lens Shift Technology and RGBRGB Color Wheel

top rated projectors under 500

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This full HD 1080p 3D home theater projector will leave you, wondering why you didn’t purchase it sooner. With its captivating image performance from this 2000 lumen projector.

The built-in speakers provide good audio quality. Allowing you to not only enjoy the viewing but also the sound of your favorite movies even if you don’t have any external speakers set up.

Customers have constantly reported an ease in set up as it requires little to no technical skills. All you need to figure out is the movie, game or almost any task you would like it to do on that given day.

It supports multi forms of 3D, including HDMI, BLU-Ray, 3D broadcasting, video games and 3DTV PC connectivity.

The SmartEco technology helps to prolong the lamp life giving you more value for your buck. Has it is able to save up to 70% of lamp power consumption and also lowers maintenance cost. Furthermore, this feature is automatically activated after the projector is turned on for more than 3 minutes.

In conclusion, this is a cheap, portable and very lightweight HD home theater projector. It is definitely one of the best projectors.


  • This is one of the best 3d projectors under 500, as it supports multiple forms of 3D.
  • Designed with high quality built in speakers
  • This DLP projector also uses 30% lamp power compared to other projectors
  • Its unique design will provide you with years of high-quality image quality, unlike other projectors that tend to have aging problems after usage for more than 2,000 hours
  • You will be able to enjoy full HD 1080p, on screen size of up to 200 inches
  • Good for playing games also, as you won’t experience any lag time


  • Seems to overheat sometimes

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4. Epson VS345 WXGA 3LCD Projector 3000 Lumens Color Brightness

top rated $500 projector

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When you talk about projectors, Epson is one of the top rated brands that will be mentioned. With 3000 lumens giving you more accurate brightness. Also with 3000 lumens white brightness allowing you to watch movies even in well-lit rooms.

Making it one of the best projectors for HD-quality presentations and church, it’s a must-have for any conference room. You can even pause your presentation, without turning off the projector. Using its unique sleep mode feature. Also, it works great for widescreen laptops. There are few projectors on the market that can compete with the Epson Vs345.

Furthermore, it is very easy to set up. This compact and lightweight projector have no lag time, with one touch it instantly turns off. And you’re ready to go, as all top rated mini projectors should be.

Plus with numerous modes of inputs, giving you the chance to connect to almost any external device. Has it offers the standard RCA connections, standard VGA, and HDMI.So whether you have an older model gaming console or DVD player, or any gadget it still can be connected easily.


  • Easy to set up, this Epson projector is designed to also make adjustments and convenient control
  • Supports connection to the latest laptops and media players
  • Good projector for teachers, church and also for work
  • Designed with sleep mode that allows you to pause your presentations, without turning off the projectors


  • Some customers have complained about the fan noise when not connected to an external speaker

5. Optoma ML750 WXGA 700 Lumen 3D Ready Portable DLP LED Projector with MHL Enabled HDMI Port

Best mid price projector

This projector works great whether at the office or at home. It is able to do both seamlessly. With its ultra-lightweight and convenient size. It is the ultimate micro projector, as it can fit in the palm of your hands. You will be able to use it at home or on the road in your hotel room and then go the following day and use it for and A1 presentation at the office.

You can watch HD movies; play your favorite video games and so much more. This projector is designed to work with all of the latest gaming consoles. And also portable devices, giving gamers the most realistic and amazing experience.

The ML750 projector also has a media player, native office viewer and a top-rated built-in speaker. And don’t worry if you left your laptop, as it is also designed with built-in memory and a convenient micro SD card slot and USB port.

But what makes this projector stand out is its Dlp technology. This feature is in charge of providing those high native contrast and lightning fast response times. That makes you feel like you’re actually in the movie or game.


  • Designed with built-in office viewer making it able to do presentations without connecting to a PC
  • Lightweight, small in size and easy to transport and takes up little desk space
  • With your purchase, you will also get a free carrying bag and a high-quality infrared remote
  • Unique design eliminates the regular long start-up time, allowing this projector to start up very quickly
  • Can even be used in a room with the light on and still be able to enjoy your movie
  • Menu is easy to navigate and it has also been known to have good user interface


  • Built in speakers aren’t loud, but you can connect this projector to an external speaker

6. Epson EX5240, XGA, 3200 Lumens Color Brightness, 3200 Lumens White Brightness, 3LCD Projector

best projector under 500 for 2017

On a budget and need a good quality Epson projector for your church, home theater or office? Then you should consider getting the Epson EX5240 projector. With 3200 lumens of light and color, it will prove to be money well spent. Epson has for numerous years continual releases a high standard of projectors. And this model is no different.

It is designed with a 3LCD, 3 chip technology. This feature will provide you with 3 times higher color brightness and wider color gamut than other DLP projectors.

Also, its XGA and SVGA resolution makes it one of the best projectors for viewing heavy text, charts and spreadsheets presentations.

It can be easily set up and supports connection to the latest laptops and media players. Via HDMI, USB and other standard connections. Also, it instantly powers off so need to wait for the lamp to cool down. This feature has become unique to only Epson projectors it seems.

Customers have also left rave reviews about the easy to use remote control. Allowing you to zoom and pointer controls. These features come in very handy in presentations.

In conclusion, you will also get a carrying case with your purchase. So you can easily carry your laptop on the road with you.


  • Comes with a free high quality carrying case
  • Affordable price for an Epson projector
  • Also designed for instant turn off


  • Average quality speakers

7. Optoma GT760A 720p 3D DLP Gaming Projector

top rated projector under 500 for 2017

If you love games, well you need this projector. Because playing your favorite games on a 150 3D screen is unbelievable. With crisp and clear visuals you began to realize that all along you weren’t really enjoying yourself. This projector also plays Blu-Ray movies and comes equipped with 3200 lumens.

This projector has been designed to be eco –friendly. Has it use .5 watt power consumption in standby mode. Saving up to 75% compared to regular projectors.

It is designed for Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U and other popular gaming consoles. This projector will give you a beautiful large screen experience for your next Blu-ray movie viewing. It supports full 3D and 2D to 3D conversion. And this projector is of the short throw variety meaning it can project an image large size for instance over 100 inches from a short distance like 5 feet.

With media sticks becoming so popular for instance Google chrome cast, amazon fire tv.It is a definite plus that it supports the use of HDMI media sticks.

This projector also has built-in 10-watt speakers, which although not powerful enough to be used as a standalone in a big area. But would be suitable for a small room.

Also when you buy this projector you will get a 1-year limited parts and labor and 90 days on the lamp.


  • Delivers 3200 lumens making it a good gaming projector
  • Also designed with a lens cap
  • Supports connection to smartphones, tablets and streaming devices
  • You won’t experience any lag time while playing your games
  • This Epson projector is designed with e revolutionary Eco made that when activated helps to extend lamp life


  • Average built in speaker quality

8. DLP HD 1080p Projector 3D Home Theater Projector , Support external Bluetooth Speaker, mouse and gamepad,Throw Range 300 inch

Best budget home theater projector 2018

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If you’re looking for 3d home theater projector, which will constantly deliver high quality imagine. Well the DLP 3D home theater projector is the one for you.

Most projectors tend to make so much noise when in use it can be somewhat annoying and distracting when watching a movie. But with this revolutionary Eco mode, you will never be disturbed by the noise of a fan again.

Also, no longer do you have to wait till it’s night and the room is dark to enjoy a movie. With this projector, any time of the day is movie time. With 2100 lumens it is great for outdoor use also.

Plus it has numerous apps such as youtube, Netflix, google chrome. And you users have also spoken about downloading Kodi.Making this one of the most user-friendly projectors. It even has Google play store preinstalled so you can download your favorite games also.

But forget about the above features and its durable metal covering. And easy to understand manual. What has sent customers head over heels about this projector is its 3D support. You can now download your favorite movie in 3D flash drive and put your feet up and put on the free 3D glasses that come with your purchase and completely relax. This projector does it all as it supports numerous forms of connections to devices.


  • Supports wireless connection, via Wi-Fi and also via Bluetooth.
  • Allows you to easily connect to the internet to stream movies or download apps, and also supports easy connections to Bluetooth speakers
  • Well designed and built from durable material
  • Also it is one of the Best budget home theater projector 2018
  • Is also designed with built-in operating system, android 4.4.4 and 8 core GPU
  • Also is designed to provide high-quality surround sound, via built-in speakers or you can easily connect to an external speaker, making this a good movie projector


  • No USB charging

9. AAXA M5 Mini Portable Business Projector with Built-in Battery, 900 Lumens High Brightness, Native WXGA HD Resolution, Onboard Media Player, 20,000 Hours LED

best movie projector under 500

This multipurpose projector works well for both business and pleasure. The AAXA M5 is one of the best all in one projector. It has a wide variety of inputs, for instance, onboard media player and digital picture playback capabilities. Also, the onboard media player is able to decode files directly off a USB stick or Micro SD card.

Plus it is capable of handling high-resolution videos, and movies. But what really stands out on this projector is its onboard 28-watt lithium ion battery. That can support up to 70 minutes of operating time.

When compared to other battery-powered projectors. The AAAXA M5 produces over 3 times the brightness of other models.


  • Designed with an on-board media player that easily decodes files directly off a microSD card or USB
  • Has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, that supports 70 minutes of operating time before needing a recharge
  • Built-in high-quality fan makes it cool to touch


  • Some customers have complained about the brightness of this mini projector

10. Epson EX9200 Pro Wireless, WUXGA (Full HD 1080p), 3200 Lumens Color Brightness, 3200 Lumens White Brightness, 3LCD Projector (Certified Refurbished)

best projectors for presentation under 500

There are few projectors that are in high demand as this model. This refurbished Epson Ex9200 Pro is practically still brand new. Designed with the 3LCD, 3 chip technology. This projector will deliver away more colorful and brighter images than most projectors. And with WUXGA resolution that offers 4.5 times more resolution making it a full HD 1080p projector.

Furthermore, you can connect wirelessly to your devices. For instance, you can connect to your laptop, tablet or other devices and stream the images. In addition, it also supports connection to streaming devices, chrome cast and Roku streaming sticks and others.

Overall this also one of the best projectors for large conference room because of its 3200 lumens of brightness and white balance.


  • Durable well built projector
  • As is it with Epson projectors, this projector produces impressive image quality
  • Long lamp life, has it will deliver up to 10,000 hours of enjoyment


  • A bit heavier than most mini projectors

11. Acer H5380BD 720p Home Theater Projector

top rated powerpoint projectors

Are you looking for a projector to watch your Blu-ray movies? Well the Acer H5380BD is the projector for you. With a native 720p widescreen resolution that is sure to give you the same or probably even better quality viewing experience than the cinematic.

Furthermore not only will you be getting the basic features associated with a projector. But this Acer projector also comes with ePower management, eView management, eTimer management eOpening Management. All these features are exclusive to Acer technology.In addition, the instant resume feature will allow you start back the movie right where you turned it off. This projector is definitely value for money and your friends will be surprised you got it for under $500.


  • Designed with a unique dust shield, that protects gains from built-in up
  • Supports numerous modes of connectivity
  • Unique instant resume feature that will allow you to resume watching your movie right where you had reached before turning it off


  • Replacement bulbs are quite expensive

12. Flare150 Digital Art Projector by Artograph

best led projector under 500<<Click Here To Check Price On Amazon>>

Most projectors are designed solely to project movies. Well the Flare 150 projector is designed to project movies and mainly to project photos, images and design of artwork. Another thing that stands out when it comes to this projector. Is the fact that you can use either the built n battery or plug it into an electric source while using. So even on the road or away from a power source you will still be able to enjoy a movie.


  • This digital projector weighs only 1 pound. Making it rather lightweight and easy to manage.
  • Best projector for showing pictures and would be a good projector for an artist as it is able to show detailed and large portraits clearly.
  • In addition the built in battery is able to withstand up to 2 hours of continuous use when fully charged.
  • Supports connection to smartphones,tablets,computers and other devices.


  • This projector isn’t bright enough to be used in a room with light, the room needs to slightly dark or fully dark.


13. Acer H5382BD 720P 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

best hd projectors under 500<<Click Here To Check Price On Amazon>>

Acer projectors have long been known to deliver some top quality images. And the H5382BD projector is no different, has it is designed with 3300 lumens. This projector is able to show high quality movies, images and even does a good job at projecting your favorite games.


  • Projector colorful and rich images, it being a 720p HD projector. In addition you will be able to enjoy 3D movies also.
  • Also if you’re tired of the numerous cables that normally have to be attached to a projector. You will love this projector has it offers wireless connection.
  • Furthermore in between uses, instead of turning off the projector. You can use the blank screen feature to block the light until you’re ready to go again. This feature may come in handy while doing a presentation.


  • Some users have noticed a random flicker when viewing heavy red images while using this projector
  • Also some customers have complained about the rainbow effect

14. Video Projector Wireless Max 200″, 4200 Luminous Efficiency LED LCD Dispaly, Support Full HD 1080p 720p HDMI USB WiFi, Home Cinema Theater Multimedia Smart Projector with Remote Built-in 10W Speaker

best projector for church

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Arguable one of the best gaming projector under 500.As it’s designed with a whopping 4200 lumens of brightness. Furthermore whether you like online gaming or have a gaming console. You will still be able to enjoy this projector. Has it has the android 4.4 processor built in to allow users to download and stream games directly off the internet. Plus it supports connection to practically most gaming consoles.


  • You will be able to download and install your favorite apps, as it has 1 GIG of RAM and 8 GIGs of ROM. And also play android games on large screen sizes of up to 200 inches.
  • Can be connected to streaming devices and games via HDMI.Furthermore its 60Hz refresh rate helps to remove any chance of the games freezing.
  • Has a LED lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, this combined with its numerous features makes it a good projector for the money.


  • This overall a good gaming or home theater projector, but it would have been even better if it had Bluetooth capabilities.


15. Dell M115HD Mobile LED Projector, WXGA 1280×800, HDMI USB Inputs, 1GB Internal Memory, 450 ANSI Lumens

good projector for the money

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Next we have the Dell M115HD LED projector. This projector is small and light in weight, in fact it is so small that it can be easily placed in a purse or laptop bag and actually weighs under a pound. In addition with it being so lightweight you will be able to carry it almost anywhere.


  • It is bright enough to show an image clearly even in a room with lights.
  • Top rated LED projector
  • Also supports connection via USB and HDMI inputs, so you will be able to connect your favorite games and streaming devices.
  • Furthermore it can be used for hours without overheating


  • Because of its small size I would recommend that use a tripod to keep this projector stable and balanced.


Difference between short throw and long throw projector

What is a short throw projector?

First of throw in projector terms means the distance between the project and the screen to get your desired display screen size.

Short throw projectors allow users to place the projector closer to the screen for incredible viewing. In the past projectors had o be placed six feet or sometimes more for you to get a screen size of 100 inches. But with the advancement of technology short throw projectors were created. These projectors allowing you to enjoy big screen viewing no matter how small of a space you have. From less than three feet a short throw projector is able to project an image as wide as 60 inches.

They are very popular amongst teachers, and also for persons setting up a home theater with limited space. As because the projector is so close to the screen, there will be limited space for someone to walk in between. Or lift their hands and cast that somewhat annoying shadow on the screen.The only pull back when it comes to short throw projector is the fact that most are designed with a fixed lens and are unable to zoom. Giving users limited flexibility when it comes to viewing.

What is a long throw projector?

Long throw projectors are more suited for bigger areas. Has they can normally require a distance of over 7 feet to project a screen size of over 100 inches. Long throw projectors are popular for large home theater set up and for large conference rooms and church. As they do a very good job at exhibitions, and PowerPoint presentations.

Which is better long or short throw?

At the end of the day, both offer different benefits have you can see from the comparison above. So it ultimately comes down to the space available for set up.

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